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Latest Beer Ratings: Who Adores Ale? Who Loves Lager?

Anonymous commented on Shock Top Belgian White
"It's a nice beginners beer. Easy to drink, especially during the summertime outdoors. It's more like a soda than a..."
teacheroffduty gave Woodchuck Crisp Hard Cider 4 stars
"Very good, I love sweet tasting drinks!"
And now we think she'll love: Crispin Blue Line Original
teacheroffduty gave Blue Moon Winter Abbey Ale 4 stars
"I really like this beer. Blue Moon is one of my favorite brands, great and light, I love to drink..."
And now we think she'll love: Maui Brewing CoCoNut PorTeR
teacheroffduty gave Shock Top Belgian White 3 stars
"This is not my favorite beer but it ranks near the top of my list. Not terrible, not too heavy,..."
And now we think she'll love: Stone Highway 78
teacheroffduty gave Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat 5 stars
"This is my go-to. I love that it is a lighter taste, and if you are a wheat beer kind..."
And now we think she'll love: Founders Reds Rye PA
Anonymous gave Deschutes Black Butte Porter 5 stars
Anonymous commented on Pabst Blue Ribbon
"I wouldn't even call this beer. It's more like a beer flavored substitute."
mibunny88 gave Pabst Blue Ribbon 2 stars
And now we think she'll love: Urthel Hibernus Quentum Tripel
mibunny88 gave Coors Light 5 stars
And now we think she'll love: Budweiser
mibunny88 gave Labatt Blue Light 5 stars

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